Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tips and benefits of ebooks

When we were young we were all used to carry tons of text books in our school. However, the days of heavy burden from all kinds of books has over when something called ebook has arrived in the internet world. You can enjoy such a benefit today and you don't need to carry tons of books for travel or for school in today's world. All you have to do is find the places where you can get the ebook you want and enjoy all the benefits of having a ebook online.There are some tips and benefit by using ebooks that I want to show you in the following :

1. ebook can be a great tool for knowledge

Just one click, you will start to enjoy any knowledge that you are looking for and no need to carry heaven burden on your bags just like the good old days. People can read their ebooks with their computer, ipad, kindle and even with their iphone as well. Each and everyday, new ebooks have been published by different individual or company in the whole world as well. Although some may cost money to make purchase on them, some are still free. Just like the following
10 free ebooks for download is a good example for you to enjoy all the benefits from them.

2. ebooks can be a great tool for making money

Don't under-estimate the power of an ebook since it is not just a tool for knowledge but also a great tool for making money online. You can just download some of the ebooks with resell rights like what I am doing right now and resell them in ebay or some online market like this. That's how you can receive a greatest benefits from your ebooks online. Actually some people just get someone to write up the ebooks for them by offering some Writing Cash to the writer just like this, then they just purchase the right of the ebook and sell them online with a good price. In most cases, the writer can receive $300-$500 for their writing. The more the writer can contribute, the more money the writer will make. At the same time,this means that the more ebooks you get , the more ebooks you can sell to the public online. Of course that means more profit for you if you really want to run a ebook business. Some people really can make a living just with their ebooks.

Conclusion :

       Ebooks are not just easy to read but also a great way for the writers to earn some money online. At the same time, it is also a great business for ebooks sellers. With all these benefit, I think you can enjoy ebooks much more after you have reading this short article. Aren't you ?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to choose web hosting and launching your website ?

Before you want to launch your new website or blog, you really new to answer the following question : " How to choose web hosting and launching your website ?"  After being an internet marketer for a few years, I fully understand the the value of a hosting and the process of building up a new website for  any home base business or just for personal use as well. The following advise would be helpful for anyone whose looking for solution to such issue.

1. Choose a web hosting that will be suitable for your own need

There are full of well known and popular web hosting services online but it doesn't mean it will fit your own need. Some people maybe looking  for services which can provide lots of good plan for their own need. In case like this, I will recommend hosting such as
Web Hosting from iPage, Bluehost or Host Gator

because they are all reliable and popular services online.For Ipage, it is one of the large and the best of the best web hosting services online.For Bluehost, it offers unlimited Domain Hosting, unlimited GB Hosting Space and good support services as well. For Host Gator, it provides unlimited Disk Space,unlimited Brand Width and free Site Builder as well.Another good hosting suggestion will be Hosting 24 , it is a hosting services that always receive positive review from its customer as well.However, if you are looking for something cheaper but still a reliable hosting that you can consider with,Web Hosting Pad is the answer for you.For this is a hosting services that can offers a price as low as $1.99/mo also with free Domain Name as the other Hosting service would provided. These are the hosting that I will personally recommended.

Web hosting

 2.Choose a Domain Name that will be suitable for your own need

It is always a headache for many people when looking for a suitable domain for their new website. A good domain name really serve as short cut for driving targeted traffic to the website and  a easy to remember name will always provide better traffic for the website as well. That's why many people would pay lots of money to take care of this issue. However, I have just found a gig (name of a special service) in that will solve all your problem as low as $5. The seller will provide you 30 good Domain Names after checked them out and make sure they are all available online for you. If you can just find a Domain name for your new website , you have already earned your money back. Services like this will definitely save your time to think of your Domain Names and this is also a reliable services as well.(You can just go to right now and search for wildlittlefan and look for the gig saying that "I will provide you a list of 30 domain names for suggestion to create website" to find out more.

3. Choose a budget plan that will be suitable for your own need

How much do you have to spend in build up your new website ? This is a question that only you can provide the best answer for yourself. However, Some people loves to have everything free, but it may not be true when talking about website traffic. Although there are many  free website and free blog that we can make use over the internet today, but the result can never compare with the pay website with a good hosting services. The free website always provide you with sub-domain and it can hardly rank  high in the search engine no matter how much time you are willing to spend on driving traffic for your website. Another reason that it is not recommended to use a free website for a real business ( means not just for fun) being that once the website will be shut down by the free hosting services, all the contents and all the work in this free website will be completely gone.Perhaps you may realized that I am using this blogger blog right now and it is free. You are right.  It is. Why? I am writing it for fun right now and that's why I have no pressure at all. But if I am really seriously in making money online, I wouldn't use one like this right now because the traffic I can drive with such a free blog is so slow and limited as well. That's that reason why if you are serious in building up a website for business or anything with  good reason from behind, don't use a free blog like this. The web hosting in the above should be what you are looking for if you are a serious person for online business.


There are always many things to learn in building up a website and looking for a hosting services online. However, it is more important to start up something as soon as possible. Since waiting and searching can never help you to really create your website. some people stated it clearly that, "if you don't start now, you will never start anything." people can look over to start up a website in year and spend all their times in looking at this or that. Don't do that ! You will getting smart during this learning process and experience is very important in online business. You can never become an expert , if you will never start with something. This is my twelve 0r fourteen blogs online right now(I can't even remember the exact number) because I have start with the first one many years ago. So can you, act now and you will be happy you do.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What does a soccer ball really means to you ?


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Do you like to watch soccer on TV ? I like it and I always love to watch a soccer match. It all began with a plastic soccer ball. What? A plastic soccer ball? Yes, I mean the plastic one I used to play with while I still  was in high school. It was not easy for the high school students in my city to play with a real leather soccer ball in my city because it would break all the windows and doors if the students just wanted to kick around with a ball like this. That's why we were only allow to play with a plastic ball in school when we were young. However, things have been changed when we grow up. Watching a soccer match on TV is just the happiest moment for all the people especially for a male. I think the following would be some of the main reasons :

1.Watching a soccer match on TV means socialization for a man

While watching a soccer game on TV whether you are a friend for the Barcelona or just a friends for Liverpool, you can always shouting and yell together with other man in the room. It is this time of freedom and focus on something together, a soccer game serve as a place where all men can enjoy something together with excitement on a screen.This is surely a great communication time for men (although there can be for women as well, but it seems like it is still something for men as a whole in this world for the time being) and it really help a man to fight for something or some kinds of result with their voice together.

2. Watching a soccer match means some kinds of a dream come true for a man

In games such as the world cup or Olympic soccer match, it is surely the fulfillment of a hope for any man who wants their team to be the winner. That's why they will get all the snack and chips ready when the time for the match is getting ready to start. Many men may not be very success in their day time job or perhaps unhappy with what they are doing during the day time as well. However, when their dream team will be playing during the night, it really gives them  some kinds of hope for the day. If their team end up will win the game at the end of the night, it will be  surely cheer up their already-low spirit from their job. Actually , the team may not has anything to don with them directly whether the team will win or not, but it serve as some kinds of wish -fulfillment if their team will get to the top by the end of the game. You can see who excited they are when the captain of the winning team is holding the cup.It really gives men something to celebrate about.

3. Watching a soccer match means a release from stress for a man

Shouting, Yelling, laughing, appraising and sometimes dancing when watching a soccer match on TV are all the behavior that we can see from men while a soccer match is going on. All these behavior comes so naturally and with all the freedom that men really find a big release from the day time stress or from any of the or relationship as well. Is this a healthy way for reducing pressure or  the proper way to deal with stress? We don't know. But one thing for sure, it is surely a time for men to deal with their stress.Some may find it useful bit some may not find it that way. Nevertheless, it is surely a way that a stressful man can think of when facing too much stress during the day or in dealing with his own problem. 

Conclusion :

What does a soccer ball means to you ? It means not just a memory for my high school life.It also means that it is a sports that can help me to focus. Focus on something is always a good way to deal with stress in our leisure time. I may not be a great soccer player in the field, but for sure I can make the most out of a soccer match by being a good audience with all my emotion and my whole body posture to participate in it. It is not just an entertainment but it is great way to deal with stress for me as well. How do you feel about a soccer ball then?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3 tips on how to sleep well during the night.

Sleep Balloon
Sleep Balloon
Nancy Tillman
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Do you have a good sleep during the night? I always sleep well during the night. However, there are still some nights that I couldn't sleep well just like everybody does. However, after learning how to sleep well through the past years, I believe that I have already grasp some formula that may not just work for me but for many people as well. Do you want to improve your sleep? Or do you want to know how to sleep well during the night? If your answer is yes, just take a look on my following 3 tips on how to sleep well during the night.

1. Have a glass of cold water

Don't under estimate this power of this tip because it is for sure one of the easiest way but useful way to claim down your nerve. Some may think that it may force you to go to washroom again and again during the night. Well, if you have some problem with your body, drinking too much water before you go to bed may not be a  good advice for you. But for those who has no problem with their digestive system, a cold water always give a big help in calm down your nerve system.

2. Say goodbye to your worry

There is always one thing that will border your sleep, "worry" is it's name. It is not a good thing to worry about anything. you can worry about what will happen about your work, about your meeting for tomorrow, about the person you are going to meet tomorrow. Whatever it is. Try to take the word from the BIble that “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." ( Matthew 6:34). You can just download all the things you still have to worry about on a piece of paper near your pillow or desk. Then just tell yourself that you have already done your best for today and tomorrow is another day. Then juts give it all to Jesus, that's it. It maybe hard for you in the beginning especially when you are not a Christian yet. However, you can speak to Jesus as what I have said before in your shortest prayer before you try to close your eyes. Once you have download your burden, then you will have a good sleep after a few night of practice. Try it, and you will see the differences. Your worry really give you no help for your sleep and tomorrow may not be that worse as you think. Sometimes, you just worry too much and always create something in your  mine that really disturb your own sleep. It is time to say goodbye to a thinking habit like that.

3. Pray until you will sleep

It is a very good habit to talk to Jesus before you sleep and after your hard working day. You spend lots of time to others during the day and leave no room to yourself. When you finally have time for yourself, you just want yourself before you find your mind is keep on have dialogue to itself. One part of it saying something positive and the other part sometimes saying negative things. That's part of the reason why people don't like to have a sleepless night for their mind really giving them a hard time. However, if you can just speak to Jesus who always love to listen to you all the times. There is no better person you can talk with in this Universe especially before your bed time. I do that all the time and I know that Jesus is always listening to me especially before my bed time. You can do that too. No matter what kind of person you are, you can just speak to Him. After your great speech, you will find yourself getting a bit drowsy and then it is the time you will fall into sleep. Again, try it and you will find it useful.


Although my tips sounds so simple but not everyone will do it. However, I can guarantee you that if you can take my advice each and every night, you will have a big improvement with your sleep after just one week or two.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

What can you learn from a small incident in childhood ?


Silhouette of Children Playing Outdoors
Silhouette of...
Mitch Diamond
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How many special incidents in your childhood that you can still remember and what can you learn from them? I can still remember a special incident that had happened in my childhood.Perhaps It was so scary for a child like me at that time and the memory is still remain fresh to me. However, it is still a good memory to me to certain extend. Why? It was special because it was something about my care and love to one of my brother when I was 6 years old. It was about a car accident. A car accident that reflect the beauty of human.

1. It all began with a snack

 I was a kid who loved to jump around and holding my mother's hand like every kid does. It was a night time even I couldn't remember the exact time. my mother was taking me to a grocery store where I could buy lots of candy and snacks. It was so excited for a kid like me. My mother was kindly enough to buy me some kinds of sweet and sour snacks that I like it very much. All of a sudden , some kinds of thought started to come into my mind and that's where the trouble began. 

2. A snack that will cause trouble

"My brother", yes my third elder brother who was seven years older than me and who always play with me as well. I thought that the snack was a good stuffs that i really wnat to share with somebody. Yes, share something good with others was  pure thought of in a child's mind at that time. At least I would think it that way when I have something good at that time. I didn't wnat to enjoy the snack without my brother and I wanted to share it with him.It was a great idea until I did something wrong. That was I wanted to leave my mom's "holding hand" at that time.

3. A trouble that will bring me harm

I pulled out my little six year old hand from my mother's hand and ran out of the grocery store as fast as I could with my sweet and sour snack in my other hand. I thought of no one at that time and nothing at that moment , but just to bring the snack to my brother and share it with him. However, I didn't know the dangerous of traffic and ran across the street without any look at all. There came a taxi and hit me like a bowling pin. I still remember the light stop before me and then I was on the ground. I could remember many light from different corners of the street . Then I heard the emergency signal from an ambulance and that was the last thing I could remember.


I was in the hospital for about one week and I didn't remember if I cry or not. But I still remember that my parents came to visited me with a box of candy and  I was still eager to share them with all the kids who were around me in the hospital with different kinds of reasons to stay in the hospital. When I got out from the hospital , I only have some injury on one of my leg and was totally recover after a month after the incident. It was an small accident but did me not much harm. However, three positive things it had saved in my memory forever. Namely : 
1. Sharing is happy and important in life . 
2. Sharing sometimes means scarify.
3. God is with me all the times and protecting me, otherwise
I won't be able to survive till now and published this article. Life is surely a grace of God.

What can you learn from yours ?
  However,our childhood can be a funny one as well. If you don't believe me, take a look from the following video. 

Have you ever visited the homeless during Christmas ?


Homeless Street Boys Sleeping in an Alley in New York City, 1890s
Homeless Street...

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Homeless Street...

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It was a great thing to enjoy our Christmas with all our family members and our friends as well. After I have enjoyed my Christmas for so many years, I have just had a new insight in the last Christmas. I started to visit the homeless people on the street of the poorest district in my city.Rather than singing Christmas songs on the street like most of the churches do( it is also a good way to proclaim gosple during the Christmas day.), I started to visited the homeless people on the street on Christmas Eve. Have you ever visited the homeless during Christmas ? I don't think it is big thing to do that since many social caring groups and some of the churches will do that as well. However, I think it is not the things I can give to the homeless, but what are the things I can learn from them are the most important issues for my visit. The following three things are the things that I have learned during my visit :

1. I need to be humble

Christmas Eve 2012 was a time to celebrate for lots of people in the city. Everybody is trying to go near those big shopping mall to encounter with others or  have a taste with the excited atmosphere near  the ocean terminal where people could take pictures with all the interesting decoration on the main entry. However, I choose to spend a few hours in the poorest district in my city where homeless people can be seen anywhere in this place.It was a pretty cold night and I was wearing a thick jacket and walking pass by a market area. I saw many homeless people lying on their bed or sitting in a chair chatting with each others. I think the Lord Jesus directed me to focus on a special homeless person who was covering his whole body with a very thick bed sheet laying on the his bed. When I spoke to this old man who was in his 60's , he woke up.  I asked him if he has eaten his dinner already and he said no. I then offer to buy him a dinner with take out from the near by restaurant and asked him to wait for me as I went to but the take out. After I bought him the take out , I have another opportunity to speak with him.Then I asked him a few questions after we chat for a while. I asked him that what do you think the homeless people who are living on the street need the most ? I was surprised by the answer he reply. I thought he would probably say something like money ,clothing or something materials. But he said only one word : "love". He then spoke with about his sadly life history. I then understand that he once had a family but after he made some bad choice in life, he has nothing now. I could sense hoe he regret for the things he did and the lost of his lovely family  by the way he spoke to me. He really taught me something that night. We surely need to treasure our family and the love we can experience in this world. We should never take things for granted because everything is surely a grace of God. I then lay hand on his chest to pray for his disease and sickness and encourage him that God loves him and promise him that I will return to visit him again.

2. I need to be humble again

On Christmas Day,  I went back to the same old place to visit the same old man again. He seemed to be happy to see me again. This time he invited me to see on his nasty and dirty bed and I did. I started to share the gosple of Jesus to Him and told him how Jesus loves him. he warmly accepted Jesus as his savior in a a word of prayer even the whether was pretty cold. I lay hand to pray for his sickness again and promised that I will return with some Bible material again to assist his faith within a week. I shook his hand again before I leaved and encourage him to go forward with hope in life since Jesus will never leave him even this old man is still living on the street. ( He refused to go to the government shelter, nor any of the social agencies where he can find a better place to stay. Actually many of the homeless people just want to keep on stay on the street because of the freedom after I talked to some of them later on.) I leaved with a joyful heart on this Christmas Day after I have bought him something to drink from a nearby store. It was not an easy thing for me to shake hand with the homeless people  and also seat on their dirty bed on the street (some more very dirty stuffs around his bed as well) because I always loves clean. However, it was really a breakthrough and new experience for me. I really sense the love of Jesus to all the people in this world and never reject anyone to come closer to Himself. Jesus always enter into the sinner's house and play a visit to all the socially rejected people happily according to the Bible. Jesus truly lived a humble life with passion while he is still in this world. I could really feel his love and passion on this Christmas experience and I really thank God for all these.


This experience has opened my eyes to experience the love of God in a new way and I hope I can do more of this work in the future which will show the homeless on the street that how Jesus really loves them. We can always say many words about love (especially when I preach in the pulpit) but if I can't even help the poor and the homeless with some action, what good about my sermon then? This is what I learn from this experience and Jesus came to this world as God became flesh to live among us. His love really came with action and really touch people's life and I am happy that I  can participate in ministry like this without anybody to invite me to do so. I think God has already invited me to do so by doing himself two thousands years ago. If many people can start to share more love to the homeless and poor, the world will always be a place where love remains. I feel happy that after I visited these homeless people a few more times after Christmas, another people joined in because of my action. with the help of other Christians, I have the opportunity to get to  know more homeless people and offer my prayer and some drinks to them in such a cold weather. I think once our life can impact others and be a blessing to others, it is truly a life that worth living.

The following youtube is a good example on how the Christian teens in United States are doing in visiting the homeless. Take a look.

How do you feel about the news in your city?


Hong Kong City Skyline Looking Across Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island at Night, Hong Kong
Hong Kong City...
Gavin Hellier
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I don't always watch TV all the times except one thing : the news of my city. How do you feel about the news in your city? I don't enjoy watching the news in my city almost everyday because most of the times, the news always report on the bad news. I think that it would really promote a negative mind set to the audience towards the life and atmosphere of the city if the TV program will always talk about something bad about the government, the ugly side of the city, car accident, killing, fighting and tragedy almost every single day. Then why should I keep watching on the news? The answer is very simple : I have to know what is going on in this world and what is happening in my city as well. I think there are always something good in the city that needs to be report to the public as well. A coin will always has two side.The following are some of the things that the news can improve.

1. News can be attractive if we can see more of encouraging events

There is a new today in my city reporting that a bicycle champion has won another gold medal for our city and I think it is surely a happy new for all the citizen who lives in here. At least we can share the glory for living in this city. Although we won't have a champion everyday but there are many good news about the sports progress in the city that the news can report of such as some charity donation events such as a run for the autistic kids society that can build up the awareness of more concern for the special needs in the city. News like that can also reflect more about love and care that the city really needs each and everyday.

2. News can report on a government policy with a more neutral stand point

 If the news will reports on the government policy with a negative tone all the times, then the good things in which the government has already done will never be known to the public.On the other hand, if the news will only reports on the good things about the government policy, people will think that the news are ignoring what the people really needs and concern about. Therefore, the news media surely need to hold a fair stand point that can truly reflect the pros and cons of the government policy at all times. There are times we really need to know the truth in order for the government to improve even it sounds negative at first. However, too much emphasize on what the government didn't do sometimes will just promote the anger of the public and constructive ideas and advice for improvement will not be heard. A balance attitude in reporting news can be a better way to deliver the message if the news editor can remain neutral.

3. News can minimize the reports on negative events that occurs almost everyday

I don't know about your city but for the city I am living at the moment (I am living in Hong Kong),car accident, fighting and killing happens almost everyday. We are just sick and tire of listen to news like that unless it has some special significance. Are we getting use to news like that? I think we are. I prefer there are something about something excited or full of happiness events can be heard on the news each and everyday. That can really encourage the citizens in this city to live with hope and happiness in the future. Keep on reporting the same kinds of tragedy , crimes and accident everyday will only promote sadness and fear to the general public as a whole. The Mass Media can surely improve about this kinds of news reporting strategy in the days to come.


I am sure there are many area that the Mass Media can improve in reporting news. I still remember that while I was still staying in a North America or travel to different parts of the world, the news reports are quite vary in each country. But there are some TV news reporting attitude that can really bless the public as a whole and still maintain the balance professional standard. I think our Mass Media in Hong Kong still has many rooms for improvement. How about your city?

How do you appreciate the beauty of nature ?


Winnie the Pooh - Autumn Leaves
Winnie the Pooh -...
Peter Ellenshaw
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How do you appreciate the beauty of nature? I am living in a one of the most busy city in the world and it is very difficult for us to enter into a pure nature within our city. Every where is full of different kinds of noise and different kinds of pollution all over the city and the city is actually over population and more and more people are coming to stay or visit my city everyday. Every where is surrounding by high rise building and you can hardly see the sky over your head. Nature ? It is quite a luxury environment for the public. Yes, we can see the nature only when we travel a long time by train or public transits to the place where the nature is around. That's where we can breathe in  some fresh air. If you are living in a place where you can really enjoy the nature, you should really thank God for that. However, since the pollution of this world is getting worse everyday and environment protection seems  not easy to enforce by each country. There are at least some kinds of attitude , we as human should keep up. The following attitude are what you can educate your next generation or yourself.

1. A daily thankful heart for the creator of this planet earth

As what the Bible states that in the first book of the Bible.In the book of Genesis 1 and 2 states that God created all the Universe and human as well. God placed the sun and moon and all the stars over our head in this sky. Each and every morning, we can have a new day and new sunlight for us  and each night , the moon rise with its beauty up in the sky. Look at the stars when they are all saying "Hi" to us with different types of style. We surely needs to thank God each and everyday for His creation and never take it for granted and think that it is common in everyday. As we know how to appreciate the creation in a daily basis, we will start to treasure what we can enjoy in our nature. Well, don't wait until the day you can't even see the sky because of the result of all kinds of human selfish thinking that cause the sky to cover with all kinds of black chemical smokes or warfare consequences. By that time, your may not even see a clear sky up on above. Start to thank God for what you have now.

2. Participate on nearby environment protection activities

I don't think it is quite practical for any local citizen to be greatly involved in environment project in a city , unless the citizen is greatly burdened with such an act. However, starting from the nearby area such as the place where you are living or where you are working at the moment will be more practical place for anyone to start with. If you can plant a few more plants in your backyard garden, that's already a helpful act for environment protection. If you stop to mess around your working area with yelling and shouting to other people, you have already helping in manage a quiet environment as well. At the same time, if you are smoker, consider quit smoke with some action. It will be a great gift for the nature and the city as well. It is also a  great relief for your family members , your co-workers and yourself as well. Smoking really cause air pollution and damage not just everybody's health but it really kills the plants and flowers in your garden as well.Start something small before you can do something big will be a good advice for lots of people. The nature is full of beauty and only people knows how to protect it is worthy to enjoy it. Are you one of the people who wants to protect the nature?

3. Gather some people to plant a few  more trees and flowers.

I really appreciate those people who are actively planting trees and flowers with their friends in the country side in a regular basis. They don't mind about the heat and the sunburn effect from the sun over their head. They sometimes lead their children who are in grade 1 to do that with others children as well. It is surely a great education for the next generation. With such a good example  from their parents when they are still young, it really build up our next generation to start to love the nature and appreciate everything within it. However, education like that should always extends to high school and even in University in a regular basis. It is a continuing education for everyone and should be encourage by the parents, the teachers and the education institutions at all times. Since our ancestors ignore the importance of early education  for nature appreciation and that's why we are all doing lots of late clean-up job  right now. If we keep on ignoring the nature in our generation, our next generation may become the last generation to see a blue sky , green mountains and a beach with clear water in our cities.


There is a very popular old hymn in Christianity called "How Great Thou Art" which almost all Christians are still singing it in the churches. Even the non- Christians would hear about it occasionally in an outside churches environment. It talks about how the nature manifested the greatest of God in His creation. However, when we look at the terrible situation of this planet at the moment, we as human should be apologized to the creator that how we have failed to manage God's gift to mankind. When God first finished His creation in the book of Genesis, He always saw it as "it is good". However, just look at the world today and it is just not good and we are risking lost the total beauty of the nature as well. For the sake of our next generation, we surely need to do something right now. before it is too late. and getting worse. That is one of the responsibility that we all should bear with. You can at least start to do something within your family setting or by yourself as well. The nature is waiting for you to do something about them. Are you willing to?

How do you like being a hero ?


Jesus Christ Savior
Jesus Christ...
David Garibaldi
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Jacques-Louis ...
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When I was a kid, I started to admire many heroes. The cowboy on the horse back, the superman who can fly faster an eagle, the Roman soldiers who fought with his sword and many cool guys as well, and of course Bruce Lee who would move and shouted with a strange voice all the times. At first I thought that being a hero was cool and fun to be one. However, when I grew up, I started to have different opinion if you ask me " How do you like being a hero? " I think that the following three reasons will be my answer for your question.

1.A hero needs to sacrifice

It is easy to walk in  front of people and keep on shouting for anything when there is no danger 
situation involved. However, when  one needs to be put into prison or even to lose everything one has including one's own life, things will be different. Anybody who wants to be a hero surely need to do some Maths before one will step on the heroic stage .  No wonder people would say that " either I will become a hero or a zero". There are many situations that if the hero failed, he would lose everything .

2. A hero needs to solve a problem

A hero is no hero at all if one cannot solve a problem for someone or some situation. There is no need for any hero if there is no problem or no trouble involved. It means that a hero has his value if a situation arise. The bigger the need it is, the more honor the hero will get. Think about people such as Dr. Martin Luther king who arose in American History in such a time when the black people were sick and tired of the unrighteousness situation in USA. His peaceful march  and movement without really fighting with violence in an era where seems impossible to win. He really earned his reputation and made himself in human history as  a hero who can win the battle without a bullet to fight against guns and power. He really lead the black people and righteousness in a new century.

3. A hero needs to have courage

If a hero just keep on shouting on a stage but will never encounter the tough and difficult situation by himself, he will always be viewed as a coward and can never get the name of a hero. A hero always needs a lot of courage to face the situation where nobody is willing to take the leadership role . At the same time, a hero sometimes may keep stay in the situation until the last minute when nobody is willing to stay in the situation. The recent Nobel Prize winner of  Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi is always a hero with this kind of character that many women or men in this would would recognize her as a hero for Democracy.


Among all the hero in this world, I highly recommended a a hero of the heroes who I also admire and love the most.Jesus is His name. Jesus is the only one I know in human history that who consists of all the three characters that I have just mentioned in the above reasons.The Bible clearly states that He is the son of God but willing to lay down His glorious position in heaven and came to this earth and took the form of human that's what we mean by sacrifice. Jesus is also humble enough to be nailed on the cross just because His love to all mankind and shed His own blood to paid the ransom of all mankind. that's how he solved our problem of sin and rebuild our relationship with God as well. He was born in a humble manger and died in the most insulted cross in human's eyes. It really took a great courage to do that. As a result, Jesus sacrificial love has drew billions of human life to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. His life has not just transformed a country or a generation, but has really turned the human history upside down and His work still echoes in eternity. He is truly a hero who deserve us to admire forever and I am one of His follower. He is my hero forever. I highly recommended this hero to you. Jesus is really a hero ---- a real one.