Monday, February 4, 2013

What does a soccer ball really means to you ?


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Do you like to watch soccer on TV ? I like it and I always love to watch a soccer match. It all began with a plastic soccer ball. What? A plastic soccer ball? Yes, I mean the plastic one I used to play with while I still  was in high school. It was not easy for the high school students in my city to play with a real leather soccer ball in my city because it would break all the windows and doors if the students just wanted to kick around with a ball like this. That's why we were only allow to play with a plastic ball in school when we were young. However, things have been changed when we grow up. Watching a soccer match on TV is just the happiest moment for all the people especially for a male. I think the following would be some of the main reasons :

1.Watching a soccer match on TV means socialization for a man

While watching a soccer game on TV whether you are a friend for the Barcelona or just a friends for Liverpool, you can always shouting and yell together with other man in the room. It is this time of freedom and focus on something together, a soccer game serve as a place where all men can enjoy something together with excitement on a screen.This is surely a great communication time for men (although there can be for women as well, but it seems like it is still something for men as a whole in this world for the time being) and it really help a man to fight for something or some kinds of result with their voice together.

2. Watching a soccer match means some kinds of a dream come true for a man

In games such as the world cup or Olympic soccer match, it is surely the fulfillment of a hope for any man who wants their team to be the winner. That's why they will get all the snack and chips ready when the time for the match is getting ready to start. Many men may not be very success in their day time job or perhaps unhappy with what they are doing during the day time as well. However, when their dream team will be playing during the night, it really gives them  some kinds of hope for the day. If their team end up will win the game at the end of the night, it will be  surely cheer up their already-low spirit from their job. Actually , the team may not has anything to don with them directly whether the team will win or not, but it serve as some kinds of wish -fulfillment if their team will get to the top by the end of the game. You can see who excited they are when the captain of the winning team is holding the cup.It really gives men something to celebrate about.

3. Watching a soccer match means a release from stress for a man

Shouting, Yelling, laughing, appraising and sometimes dancing when watching a soccer match on TV are all the behavior that we can see from men while a soccer match is going on. All these behavior comes so naturally and with all the freedom that men really find a big release from the day time stress or from any of the or relationship as well. Is this a healthy way for reducing pressure or  the proper way to deal with stress? We don't know. But one thing for sure, it is surely a time for men to deal with their stress.Some may find it useful bit some may not find it that way. Nevertheless, it is surely a way that a stressful man can think of when facing too much stress during the day or in dealing with his own problem. 

Conclusion :

What does a soccer ball means to you ? It means not just a memory for my high school life.It also means that it is a sports that can help me to focus. Focus on something is always a good way to deal with stress in our leisure time. I may not be a great soccer player in the field, but for sure I can make the most out of a soccer match by being a good audience with all my emotion and my whole body posture to participate in it. It is not just an entertainment but it is great way to deal with stress for me as well. How do you feel about a soccer ball then?

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