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3 tips on how to sleep well during the night.

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Do you have a good sleep during the night? I always sleep well during the night. However, there are still some nights that I couldn't sleep well just like everybody does. However, after learning how to sleep well through the past years, I believe that I have already grasp some formula that may not just work for me but for many people as well. Do you want to improve your sleep? Or do you want to know how to sleep well during the night? If your answer is yes, just take a look on my following 3 tips on how to sleep well during the night.

1. Have a glass of cold water

Don't under estimate this power of this tip because it is for sure one of the easiest way but useful way to claim down your nerve. Some may think that it may force you to go to washroom again and again during the night. Well, if you have some problem with your body, drinking too much water before you go to bed may not be a  good advice for you. But for those who has no problem with their digestive system, a cold water always give a big help in calm down your nerve system.

2. Say goodbye to your worry

There is always one thing that will border your sleep, "worry" is it's name. It is not a good thing to worry about anything. you can worry about what will happen about your work, about your meeting for tomorrow, about the person you are going to meet tomorrow. Whatever it is. Try to take the word from the BIble that “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." ( Matthew 6:34). You can just download all the things you still have to worry about on a piece of paper near your pillow or desk. Then just tell yourself that you have already done your best for today and tomorrow is another day. Then juts give it all to Jesus, that's it. It maybe hard for you in the beginning especially when you are not a Christian yet. However, you can speak to Jesus as what I have said before in your shortest prayer before you try to close your eyes. Once you have download your burden, then you will have a good sleep after a few night of practice. Try it, and you will see the differences. Your worry really give you no help for your sleep and tomorrow may not be that worse as you think. Sometimes, you just worry too much and always create something in your  mine that really disturb your own sleep. It is time to say goodbye to a thinking habit like that.

3. Pray until you will sleep

It is a very good habit to talk to Jesus before you sleep and after your hard working day. You spend lots of time to others during the day and leave no room to yourself. When you finally have time for yourself, you just want yourself before you find your mind is keep on have dialogue to itself. One part of it saying something positive and the other part sometimes saying negative things. That's part of the reason why people don't like to have a sleepless night for their mind really giving them a hard time. However, if you can just speak to Jesus who always love to listen to you all the times. There is no better person you can talk with in this Universe especially before your bed time. I do that all the time and I know that Jesus is always listening to me especially before my bed time. You can do that too. No matter what kind of person you are, you can just speak to Him. After your great speech, you will find yourself getting a bit drowsy and then it is the time you will fall into sleep. Again, try it and you will find it useful.


Although my tips sounds so simple but not everyone will do it. However, I can guarantee you that if you can take my advice each and every night, you will have a big improvement with your sleep after just one week or two.

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