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How do you appreciate the beauty of nature ?


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How do you appreciate the beauty of nature? I am living in a one of the most busy city in the world and it is very difficult for us to enter into a pure nature within our city. Every where is full of different kinds of noise and different kinds of pollution all over the city and the city is actually over population and more and more people are coming to stay or visit my city everyday. Every where is surrounding by high rise building and you can hardly see the sky over your head. Nature ? It is quite a luxury environment for the public. Yes, we can see the nature only when we travel a long time by train or public transits to the place where the nature is around. That's where we can breathe in  some fresh air. If you are living in a place where you can really enjoy the nature, you should really thank God for that. However, since the pollution of this world is getting worse everyday and environment protection seems  not easy to enforce by each country. There are at least some kinds of attitude , we as human should keep up. The following attitude are what you can educate your next generation or yourself.

1. A daily thankful heart for the creator of this planet earth

As what the Bible states that in the first book of the Bible.In the book of Genesis 1 and 2 states that God created all the Universe and human as well. God placed the sun and moon and all the stars over our head in this sky. Each and every morning, we can have a new day and new sunlight for us  and each night , the moon rise with its beauty up in the sky. Look at the stars when they are all saying "Hi" to us with different types of style. We surely needs to thank God each and everyday for His creation and never take it for granted and think that it is common in everyday. As we know how to appreciate the creation in a daily basis, we will start to treasure what we can enjoy in our nature. Well, don't wait until the day you can't even see the sky because of the result of all kinds of human selfish thinking that cause the sky to cover with all kinds of black chemical smokes or warfare consequences. By that time, your may not even see a clear sky up on above. Start to thank God for what you have now.

2. Participate on nearby environment protection activities

I don't think it is quite practical for any local citizen to be greatly involved in environment project in a city , unless the citizen is greatly burdened with such an act. However, starting from the nearby area such as the place where you are living or where you are working at the moment will be more practical place for anyone to start with. If you can plant a few more plants in your backyard garden, that's already a helpful act for environment protection. If you stop to mess around your working area with yelling and shouting to other people, you have already helping in manage a quiet environment as well. At the same time, if you are smoker, consider quit smoke with some action. It will be a great gift for the nature and the city as well. It is also a  great relief for your family members , your co-workers and yourself as well. Smoking really cause air pollution and damage not just everybody's health but it really kills the plants and flowers in your garden as well.Start something small before you can do something big will be a good advice for lots of people. The nature is full of beauty and only people knows how to protect it is worthy to enjoy it. Are you one of the people who wants to protect the nature?

3. Gather some people to plant a few  more trees and flowers.

I really appreciate those people who are actively planting trees and flowers with their friends in the country side in a regular basis. They don't mind about the heat and the sunburn effect from the sun over their head. They sometimes lead their children who are in grade 1 to do that with others children as well. It is surely a great education for the next generation. With such a good example  from their parents when they are still young, it really build up our next generation to start to love the nature and appreciate everything within it. However, education like that should always extends to high school and even in University in a regular basis. It is a continuing education for everyone and should be encourage by the parents, the teachers and the education institutions at all times. Since our ancestors ignore the importance of early education  for nature appreciation and that's why we are all doing lots of late clean-up job  right now. If we keep on ignoring the nature in our generation, our next generation may become the last generation to see a blue sky , green mountains and a beach with clear water in our cities.


There is a very popular old hymn in Christianity called "How Great Thou Art" which almost all Christians are still singing it in the churches. Even the non- Christians would hear about it occasionally in an outside churches environment. It talks about how the nature manifested the greatest of God in His creation. However, when we look at the terrible situation of this planet at the moment, we as human should be apologized to the creator that how we have failed to manage God's gift to mankind. When God first finished His creation in the book of Genesis, He always saw it as "it is good". However, just look at the world today and it is just not good and we are risking lost the total beauty of the nature as well. For the sake of our next generation, we surely need to do something right now. before it is too late. and getting worse. That is one of the responsibility that we all should bear with. You can at least start to do something within your family setting or by yourself as well. The nature is waiting for you to do something about them. Are you willing to?

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