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What can you learn from a small incident in childhood ?


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How many special incidents in your childhood that you can still remember and what can you learn from them? I can still remember a special incident that had happened in my childhood.Perhaps It was so scary for a child like me at that time and the memory is still remain fresh to me. However, it is still a good memory to me to certain extend. Why? It was special because it was something about my care and love to one of my brother when I was 6 years old. It was about a car accident. A car accident that reflect the beauty of human.

1. It all began with a snack

 I was a kid who loved to jump around and holding my mother's hand like every kid does. It was a night time even I couldn't remember the exact time. my mother was taking me to a grocery store where I could buy lots of candy and snacks. It was so excited for a kid like me. My mother was kindly enough to buy me some kinds of sweet and sour snacks that I like it very much. All of a sudden , some kinds of thought started to come into my mind and that's where the trouble began. 

2. A snack that will cause trouble

"My brother", yes my third elder brother who was seven years older than me and who always play with me as well. I thought that the snack was a good stuffs that i really wnat to share with somebody. Yes, share something good with others was  pure thought of in a child's mind at that time. At least I would think it that way when I have something good at that time. I didn't wnat to enjoy the snack without my brother and I wanted to share it with him.It was a great idea until I did something wrong. That was I wanted to leave my mom's "holding hand" at that time.

3. A trouble that will bring me harm

I pulled out my little six year old hand from my mother's hand and ran out of the grocery store as fast as I could with my sweet and sour snack in my other hand. I thought of no one at that time and nothing at that moment , but just to bring the snack to my brother and share it with him. However, I didn't know the dangerous of traffic and ran across the street without any look at all. There came a taxi and hit me like a bowling pin. I still remember the light stop before me and then I was on the ground. I could remember many light from different corners of the street . Then I heard the emergency signal from an ambulance and that was the last thing I could remember.


I was in the hospital for about one week and I didn't remember if I cry or not. But I still remember that my parents came to visited me with a box of candy and  I was still eager to share them with all the kids who were around me in the hospital with different kinds of reasons to stay in the hospital. When I got out from the hospital , I only have some injury on one of my leg and was totally recover after a month after the incident. It was an small accident but did me not much harm. However, three positive things it had saved in my memory forever. Namely : 
1. Sharing is happy and important in life . 
2. Sharing sometimes means scarify.
3. God is with me all the times and protecting me, otherwise
I won't be able to survive till now and published this article. Life is surely a grace of God.

What can you learn from yours ?
  However,our childhood can be a funny one as well. If you don't believe me, take a look from the following video. 

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