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How do you feel about the news in your city?


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I don't always watch TV all the times except one thing : the news of my city. How do you feel about the news in your city? I don't enjoy watching the news in my city almost everyday because most of the times, the news always report on the bad news. I think that it would really promote a negative mind set to the audience towards the life and atmosphere of the city if the TV program will always talk about something bad about the government, the ugly side of the city, car accident, killing, fighting and tragedy almost every single day. Then why should I keep watching on the news? The answer is very simple : I have to know what is going on in this world and what is happening in my city as well. I think there are always something good in the city that needs to be report to the public as well. A coin will always has two side.The following are some of the things that the news can improve.

1. News can be attractive if we can see more of encouraging events

There is a new today in my city reporting that a bicycle champion has won another gold medal for our city and I think it is surely a happy new for all the citizen who lives in here. At least we can share the glory for living in this city. Although we won't have a champion everyday but there are many good news about the sports progress in the city that the news can report of such as some charity donation events such as a run for the autistic kids society that can build up the awareness of more concern for the special needs in the city. News like that can also reflect more about love and care that the city really needs each and everyday.

2. News can report on a government policy with a more neutral stand point

 If the news will reports on the government policy with a negative tone all the times, then the good things in which the government has already done will never be known to the public.On the other hand, if the news will only reports on the good things about the government policy, people will think that the news are ignoring what the people really needs and concern about. Therefore, the news media surely need to hold a fair stand point that can truly reflect the pros and cons of the government policy at all times. There are times we really need to know the truth in order for the government to improve even it sounds negative at first. However, too much emphasize on what the government didn't do sometimes will just promote the anger of the public and constructive ideas and advice for improvement will not be heard. A balance attitude in reporting news can be a better way to deliver the message if the news editor can remain neutral.

3. News can minimize the reports on negative events that occurs almost everyday

I don't know about your city but for the city I am living at the moment (I am living in Hong Kong),car accident, fighting and killing happens almost everyday. We are just sick and tire of listen to news like that unless it has some special significance. Are we getting use to news like that? I think we are. I prefer there are something about something excited or full of happiness events can be heard on the news each and everyday. That can really encourage the citizens in this city to live with hope and happiness in the future. Keep on reporting the same kinds of tragedy , crimes and accident everyday will only promote sadness and fear to the general public as a whole. The Mass Media can surely improve about this kinds of news reporting strategy in the days to come.


I am sure there are many area that the Mass Media can improve in reporting news. I still remember that while I was still staying in a North America or travel to different parts of the world, the news reports are quite vary in each country. But there are some TV news reporting attitude that can really bless the public as a whole and still maintain the balance professional standard. I think our Mass Media in Hong Kong still has many rooms for improvement. How about your city?

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