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How do you like being a hero ?


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When I was a kid, I started to admire many heroes. The cowboy on the horse back, the superman who can fly faster an eagle, the Roman soldiers who fought with his sword and many cool guys as well, and of course Bruce Lee who would move and shouted with a strange voice all the times. At first I thought that being a hero was cool and fun to be one. However, when I grew up, I started to have different opinion if you ask me " How do you like being a hero? " I think that the following three reasons will be my answer for your question.

1.A hero needs to sacrifice

It is easy to walk in  front of people and keep on shouting for anything when there is no danger 
situation involved. However, when  one needs to be put into prison or even to lose everything one has including one's own life, things will be different. Anybody who wants to be a hero surely need to do some Maths before one will step on the heroic stage .  No wonder people would say that " either I will become a hero or a zero". There are many situations that if the hero failed, he would lose everything .

2. A hero needs to solve a problem

A hero is no hero at all if one cannot solve a problem for someone or some situation. There is no need for any hero if there is no problem or no trouble involved. It means that a hero has his value if a situation arise. The bigger the need it is, the more honor the hero will get. Think about people such as Dr. Martin Luther king who arose in American History in such a time when the black people were sick and tired of the unrighteousness situation in USA. His peaceful march  and movement without really fighting with violence in an era where seems impossible to win. He really earned his reputation and made himself in human history as  a hero who can win the battle without a bullet to fight against guns and power. He really lead the black people and righteousness in a new century.

3. A hero needs to have courage

If a hero just keep on shouting on a stage but will never encounter the tough and difficult situation by himself, he will always be viewed as a coward and can never get the name of a hero. A hero always needs a lot of courage to face the situation where nobody is willing to take the leadership role . At the same time, a hero sometimes may keep stay in the situation until the last minute when nobody is willing to stay in the situation. The recent Nobel Prize winner of  Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi is always a hero with this kind of character that many women or men in this would would recognize her as a hero for Democracy.


Among all the hero in this world, I highly recommended a a hero of the heroes who I also admire and love the most.Jesus is His name. Jesus is the only one I know in human history that who consists of all the three characters that I have just mentioned in the above reasons.The Bible clearly states that He is the son of God but willing to lay down His glorious position in heaven and came to this earth and took the form of human that's what we mean by sacrifice. Jesus is also humble enough to be nailed on the cross just because His love to all mankind and shed His own blood to paid the ransom of all mankind. that's how he solved our problem of sin and rebuild our relationship with God as well. He was born in a humble manger and died in the most insulted cross in human's eyes. It really took a great courage to do that. As a result, Jesus sacrificial love has drew billions of human life to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. His life has not just transformed a country or a generation, but has really turned the human history upside down and His work still echoes in eternity. He is truly a hero who deserve us to admire forever and I am one of His follower. He is my hero forever. I highly recommended this hero to you. Jesus is really a hero ---- a real one.

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